Lost in our world

Welcome to my Life
by Kate

-1 Chapter - Meeting David-

I woke up early. It was 8 am. I went to the bathroom to take a shower, get dressed, brushed my hair and put on some eyeliner. I took my keys and jumped into my car. I was going to to buy me a new bass. My old one was broken. I'm the singer and bassplayer in a band. My friends Kelly (guitar), Chris (drums) and Leila (guitar and backvocals) are in the band too.
I picked Leila up and we drove to the mall. We went into the guitar- and bass-shop.
I found a cool, black bass. I played a little bit.
"Kate I'm going to the cd shop. I'm back soon." She said and left the shop.
I went in a seperate-practise-room. There I put in a cd of us. I played my bass and sang to it. I finished singing and get my cd out of the cd-player. I turned around to take my bass. There stood a guy in the door. He was wearing a black t-shirt with the letters 'SLUT' on it and black dickies. He had black hair in a little mohawk. He looked at me in admiration.
"What?" I asked. I took my bass and walked towards him. I knew him but I didn't remember from where.
"I just listened to your song. Sounds good. Are you in a band?" He asked me nicely.
"Uh yes. Thanks." I blushed." And you? What are you doin' here?"
"I need a new bass but I heard you singin so I decided to watch you."
"You're in a band?"
"Yes. It's called Simple Plan. I play bass and back vocals."
"Oh cool. So you found a bass?"
"No but I'm going to find one."
We left the room. I helped him searching cause Leila wasn't back from the cd-shop. We had a lot of fun. Suddenly the song 'Addicted' was played. He laughed.
"What's wrong?" I asked him.
"That song is from us."
"I know this song. It's pretty good. Uh what's your name? I didn't ask you."
"David Desrosiers." He held out his hand.
"Kate Barrison." I shook his hand.
"I'll get this bass." He said.
"Are you ready to leave?" Came a voice from the door.
"Yeah I just have to pay. I have to go now. This is Pierre. Uh...I know we know each other for only half an hour but can I have your phone number? You are really nice."
"Yes okay." I wrote my number on his arm. We payed our basses. Then he left the mall.
Leila came up to me.

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