Lost in our world

-2 Chapter - in the mall-

"Oh my God Kate this was Pierre from Simple Plan! Did you talk to him?" She asked me.
"No just to David. He's nice."
"I guess you don't know much about the band." We walked back to the car.
"No. Only the song Addicted."
"I bought their CD. Listen they are awesome." She put in the cd and started singing. We drove back to my house. We heard all song except for 'Perfect'.
"You're right they are awesome. I like the music."
"Yeah sure you do. So let's go Chris and Kelly are here."
"Hey you two. You know what? Kate met David and Pierre from Simple Plan.!" Said Leila as she walked at the door.
"Really? You are jokin' they are a great band." Said Chris.
"So let's go we have to do bandpractise. Tomorrow is our first gig." I said and we went into my basement. We sang all of or songs.
"I'm so excited of tomorrow." Said Kelly.
"Yeah me too. And Kate don't be late please." Said Leila.
I always come too late for everything.
"Yeah, this time I won't be late I promise. Wanna go out now?" I asked them.
"No sorry I can't I'll meet my boyfriend." I looked at Kelly. "Sorry me too."
"Yeah I've time today. What you wanna do?" She asked me.
"Don't know let's go to the mall. Then we'll see."
"Okay. Bye ladies."
We all left my house. Kelly and Chris went to their boyfriends and Leila and me back to the mall.
"Can we eat something? I'm so hungry." asked Leila as we walked in the mall. "Yeah sure."
We walked in a shop and ate something. As we talked came 6 guys in the restaurant. I didn't look at them because I talked to Leila. They sat down 2 tables away from us.
"Uh Kate? Am I dreaming or are there the guys from Simple Plan?" She asked me confused.
"What?" I asked confused too.
"Kate David is coming here." She said quietly.
"What?" I didn't hear her.
"Hey Kate." Said a familiar voice from behind me. I turned around and looked in David's brown eyes.
"Uh hey." I said stuttering."Um this is my best friend Leila this is David." I introduced them.
"I know who this is Kate. Hey David."
"Hey guys." He said to the others. They came up to us.
"This is Kate and Leila. This are Pierre, Seb, Chuck, Jeff, and Pat." He introduced. We all waved.
"So you wanna do something with us?" David asked us.
"Uh okay."
We had a lot of fun this day. After the guys ate something we played some games, were in a movie and made a lot of jokes to each other. David and I have the same humor that's so cool.
"What time we have?" I asked David.
"11 why?" He replied.
"Oh we have to go now. We need half an hour to drive home and tomorrow we have our first gig. I don't want to be late cause I have a lot of stuff to do tomorrow. Sorry guys. Leila?" I explained.
"Yeah I'm coming."
"Where and when is the gig? I want to see you guys playing."
I told him everything. Then we hugged each other and Leila and I drove back home. I drove her to her house.
"Bye Kate and don't be late."
"Bye yeah I know i try."
I drove to my house. I thought the whole tme about David. He's very nice, funny and we have a lot in common. As I came in my house I jumped in my room get changed and fell on my bed. I fast fell asleep.

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