Lost in our world

-3 Chapter - A Nightmovie-

I woke up pretty early and made my things that I had to do. At 4 o'clock I packed my bass and drove to the gig. I wasn't late. I went to the room behind the stage. There were all.
"Hey ladies hey guys."
"Hey." said everybody.
"We have to go." Said Leila after half an hour. They wished us good luck and went in the crowd to watch us. We went on stage. The crowd was really cool. The show was awesome.
"Hope we see you guys in our next show." I said and we left the stage.
Behind the stage we hugged each other.
"That was awesome!" yelled Chris and Leila.
The guys came back to us.
"Good show." Said Pierre.
"And that was your first show?" David asked.
"Yes." I replied.
"That was cool."
"I go home I'm tired. It was a long day. Bye see ya all tomorrow." I took my bass and left them. I fast fell asleep on my bed not knowing that I not get much sleep. In the night I woke up by a noise. I stood up and walked to the window. There was someone. It was too dark to see who it was. I was scared. The person walked towards me and knocked on the window. I recognized that it was David. What is he doing here? I opened the window and he climbed in.
"What are you doin' here? It's night I wanna sleep." I said annoyed.
"You lost something. Pierre get it and told me a few minutes ago. I just wanted to give it back to you. Sorry for waking you up."
"Oh. What is it?"
"Your identity card." He gave it to me.
"Oh thanks." I put it back in my purse.
"So now I'm awake. Do wanna do something?"
"Uh yes, but what? I'ts night."
"A movie? I have a lot of movies." I laughed.
"Okay." He laughed too.
"What do you like? Scary, science-fiction, funny? I have a lot." I asked him.
He came to me and picked some movie. I jumped on my bed. He sat down beside me. I blushed a little bit as he came closer to me. A hot guy in my bed? Am I dreaming? That's so cool. We watched the movie. We laughed the whole time. He's so cute when he laughs. I like him very much.
I yawned.
"Yes. It was fun. Your laugh is cute." I laughed again.
"Thanks. Yours too."
He started to tickle me.
"No stop it." I rolled on my bed.
"Why? It's fun." He didn't stop.
"Wah!" We fell off the bed. I was on top of him.
"Are you okay?" I asked him embarassed.
"Uh yes." We blushed. I get off of him fastly.
"I think I go then. Do we see us today?"
"Yes think so. Call me."
He climbed out of the window.
"See ya."
Was this real? I felt like I had butterflys in me. Am I fallen on love with him? No this can not be. Can it?
I jumped back on my bed and fell asleep again.

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