Lost in our world

- 4 Chapter - The unexpected surprise-

I woke up by the doorbell. I stood up and opened the door.
"Kate?" David looked at me.
"Huh? What time it is?" I yawned.
"It's 1 pm."
"oh. Uh come in."
He came in.
"Sit down I'm going in the shower."
I went in the shower and get dressed. I came back. I sat down next to him.
"What we gonna do today?" I asked.
"Uh I.. I have to talk to you..." He started.
"Yes? What's wrong?"
"The last weekend we had a concert. We decided to stay here the week..but now we have to leave...to go on on tour..and I have a surprise for you." He finished.
The doorbell rang.
"Oh wait a minute there are the girls."
I opened the door. There were my girls and the guys of SP. They went in. David stood up in front of us girls next to the guys. He held out a big poster in his hands. He opened it.
"AAAAHHH!" all girls screamed and hugged the guys.
"You guys are crazy!"
"Your show was awesome so we decided that you'll come on tour with us." Pierre said.
"Let's go party." Said Leila. She's the partyanimal in our group she always wants to party. So we all went to the mall. This time I had a lot of fun with Pierre. We did a lot of stuff this day. At 9 pm we went in a club. All the guys were dancing except me and David.
"Why are you not dancing?" He asked me.
"I'm a bad dancer." I laughed.
"Oh come on let's dance. I'm a bad dancer as well so it'll be fun."
He took my hand and we started to dance. We both sucked by dancing but it was fun. At 12 am we left the club. We walked to the parking lot where our cars were. Pierre, Seb, Leila and Chris were drunk. We sat them in the cars. David took me on the side.
"We'll move on Saturday so you guys have to pack soon. We'll pick you up on Saturday morning 10 am okay?"
"Okay." I hugged him and kissed him on his cheek. We blushed again.
I hopped in Leilas car and drove them home. Kelly helped me to bring the drunken girls in my house. They slept on the couch. Kelly and I slept in my bed. I had a bad dream so I stood up. I went down to look after Leila and Chris. They still slept. So I took a shower and get dressed. I started packing my stuff. Kelly woke up. I told her that we'll leave at Saturday so she went home to pack her stuff.
After a while I went down to the girls again. They were awake.
"Hey ladies. You'll better go home. We'll leave at Saturday." I told them. I gave them pain-killers and they left my house. I turned on music and packed the rest of my stuff.

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