Lost in our world

-5 Chapter - Don't touch me-

~2 days later~Saturday~
I woke up early. I slipped in my black clothes put on the eyeliner and went downstairs. I waited for the guys. The doorbell rang. I was so excited. But at the door wasn't David or one of the guys there was my Dad.
"Dad? What are you doing here?" I had forgotten him.
"Mom is not here she's in Paris for the firm and I have to go now."
I don't like my Dad. As I was a little child he get an alcoholic-problem he hit my mother and me. They get divorced but now I think they meet again.
"Oh where are you going?" He asked me.
"I'll go on tour with my band. Don't say anything I know that you don't want this but this is is like a dream come true for me. And I'll do this whatever you'll say against it." I told him.
I noticed that he was drunk. I couldn't believe, he said he stopped it he's a liar. He walked towards me. I made a few steps back. I knew what he was going to do.
"Don't touch me." He grabbed my arm.
"Go away!" I yelled now.
"You lie on me. I've seen your mother today and she has a new boyfriend." He said drunk.
"No that's not true. Call her then you'll believe me." He pushed me on the wall.
"No I know what I've seen. Don't lie to me."
I lied on the floor. He took my arm and violently lifted me up.
"Go away!" Believe me she's in Paris." I cried.
He pushed me to the wall again and a vase fell down and broke. I was so scared. I stood up and tried to run away but he took my arm again and hit me in the face. I fell down again still crying.
"Kate? What's going on there?" Came the voice of David and Pierre.
I couldn't say anything. My Dad screamed now. I crawled away from him. I shaked. Suddenly the door was open and the guys ran inside. Behind them ran the police in and catched my Dad. They brang him away.
I lied in the corner of the kitchen. David ran to me and hugged me. I still cried.
"Sh Kate. He's not here. The police catched him." He tried to calm me down. I hugged him back and cried in his chest.
The ambulance came. They did everything what they could do for me and left the house. I told the police everything what happened and they left the house as well.
Why did he do this? Why again? Was he right? Did he see Mom?
I cried again. Pierre talked to David in french and left the house. I still sat in the kitchen. David came back to me. He helped me to stay up and we went in the livingroom. There we sat down.
"Sh..." He hugged me again. "Everything will be okay. You think that we can go on tour?"
"I...*sob*..Yes but please don't tell the others about that. I'll do that by myself.." I said quietly.
"Yes but calm down now..." He comforted me.
I stood up and fixed my makeup and then we drove to the others. As we arrived I told them what happened. They all felt sorry for me.

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