Lost in our world

-6 Chapter - Thank you-

I seemed to be okay to the outside but inside I felt like I wanna die. I was the whole time at David's side. I said not much. We started to drive to the next town where we'll have our first big gig on Thursday. It was a long drive. I felt well when I was at David's side. He understood me how I feel and everything. I'm so happy to be with all of them.
I fell asleep on David's shoulder. A few hours later I woke up by a nightmare. I said nothing. In the evening we arrived at the hotel. I was quiet all the time.
The decided who shares which room. Seb and Jeff get one, Pat and Chuck, Pierre and Leila, Kelly and Chris and I went with David in one room. I jumped in the bed after getting changed.
"Good Night David."
"Sleep well Kate."
I fast fell asleep. I dreamed of my Dad.
"Ah..no..don't...no.." I talked in my sleep. I became louder. Suddenly David tried to wake me up.
I woke up. I sat in my bed in shock.
"Everything okay? I'm scared."
"What? I...yes.." I turned around.
"Kate you can talk to me..It's okay.." He went back in his bed.
A silent tear came down on my cheek. I fell asleep again. Later I woke up again. I climbed in David's bed. He put his arm around me still sleeping. I felt save to be with him. I forgot everything what happened the day. I looked at David.
'Thanks for being there for me' I thought and fell asleep in his arms.
"What are you guys doin' here!" yelled Pierre the next day. We layed in David's bed as we fell asleep. His arm around me, looking at each other. I opened my eyes. David blushed very hard and looked at me.
"I'm....sorry..." I stood up blushing.
"Pierre go away." Said David annoyed.
He left the room laughing.
"Do you feel better?
"Yes a little bit. Sorry for that I..just felt better to be with you."
"It's okay..." He went in the bathroom.
This day I felt better. I talked more and forgot my Dad for a few hours. In the evening the guys went to a club. My girls also went except me. I borrowed the guitar of Leila and wrote a song. It was about David. What a good friend he was for me. The song was really good. I wrote it down and played it a few times. I put the guitar back to Leila's room.
Then I decided to watch a movie. I put in the CD and layed down on the bed. It was a sad film. I cried a little bit but I fell asleep after an hour. I woke up by some noise. I opened my eyes.
"What the heck!" I jumped out of the bed. "Get out of here!"
The guys fought half naked with each other. David fell on his bed and fell asleep. The guys left the room and fought on in the next room. I put the comforter overDavid and went back on my bed.

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