Lost in our world

-7 Chapter - The first concert-

The next day nobody left their rooms. They all had too much to drink in the night. I get changed and wrote a notice. I put it on my bed. Then I walked to the beach. It was a windy day. Not much sun to see. I walked along the beach. I walked a few hours. Later the day I sat down on the beach. I forgot everything around me. It was just the ocean and me.
Suddenly my phone rang. I answered it.
"Hey Kate. It's David. Where are you? It's 11 pm." He said.
"Oh I'm at the beach. I forgot the time sorry. Don't worry I'm okay." Then my phone broke up.
"Fuck!" My rechargeable battery was empty. I didn't want to go back so I looked at the ocean again. It was so beautiful. It became dark around me. Somebody walked towards me. I started to cry. I remebered my Mom was with with me very often at the beach in my childhood.
"Kate?What's wrong?" It was David. He sat down next to me.
"It's just..I remembered as I was at the beach with my Mom..."
He wrapped his arm around me. I calm down. We started to talk about our lives. We stopped when the sun came up on the beach. Without saying anything we walked back to the hotel, arm in arm. This night I knew everything about David and he knew everything about me, my Mom and my Dad. We walked in our room and fell on David's bed. We both fell asleep still with our arms around each other. 2 hours late came Leila in our room.
"Guys wake up we have to... what are you doin'!" she yelled.
David and I woke up quickly. I jumped off from his bed. We all blushed.
"Sorry...I..didn't want to disturb you two.." She said embarassed.
"It wasn't that what it looked like." I said.
David said nothing.
"Uh..I..We'll go to soundcheck so you guys have to get ready." she said as she walked out of the guys.
"Uh we have to get ready now." He said still embarassed. He went in the bathroom. I went in it after him. Then we went downstairs where all waited for us.
"Here we go." Said Pierre smiling and we all went in the cars. Soundcheck went good. We all had a lot of fun. As the concert started we played our songs. Then the guys rocked the stage.

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