Lost in our world

-8 Chapter - I just wanna kiss You-

After the show I told Leila that I go out for a little walk. I was outside for like half an hour. I thought about David. He's a really good friend. He helped me so much with my Dad. I wanted to thank him. I went back. There was a big party. I searched for David. I asked Leila and Pierre where he was but they didn't know it. So I went out. Maybe he's on the stage or something. But he wasn't there. I was upset. I went back to the guys. All of them had a little much to drink.
There he was. I looked at David in shock. He danced with some girl. They were really close to each other. What the fuck! He kissed her. I can not believe it! I burst out in tears and ran out to the cars. Why do I act like this? Am I fallen in love with David? It hurts to see him kissing someone who is not me. I sat in the car and fell asleep.
"Kate wake up we're back at the hotel." Pierre tried to wake me up. I stood up and went into my room. I jumped in my bed and fell asleep again fulldressed.
I woke up with a bad headache. I looked around in the room. David layed on the floor. I walked to him and shook him.
"David what are you doin' on the floor?" He woke up and fell on his bed.
"I feel like shit." He said.
"You don't remember what happened last night?" I asked him.
I hoped so, that means that the kiss wasn't that what I thought it was.
"No I just remember seein' you runnin' out. Why did you ran out?"
"I ..uh..." Is it the right time to tell him? Whenever could be the right time?
"I saw you kissing a girl and...I felt jealous..cause...I wanted to be her..."
"What?" He asked not believing me.
I ran out of the room.
"Kate wait!" he yelled.
Out of the room I crashed into Seb and fell on the floor.
"Wohoo what's goin' on with you?" He asked.
"Nothin'" I said stood up and ran away.
"Kate!" David yelled from behind me.
I didn't listen to him I kept on running. I ran up to the beach and fell down on the sand. I cried. Why did this happen? Why to me? Who was this girl? Does He love her?
"Kate.." David walked towards me.
"Hey..." He sat down beside me.
"Who was this girl? And don't lie to me.." I said slowly.
"She..was my...ex-girlfriend...she broke up with me 4 weeks ago...as I saw her on the party..I remembered the time with her and...we kissed..."
"But she broke your heart...why didn't you tell me anything about her.."
"I tried to forget her she was my first girlfriend I..didn't think think that I could fall in love to another girl but it happened...It was a mistake I didn't want to kiss her but it happened..I..."
"What do you mean? You're fallin' in love to another girl?" I interrupted him.
"I..Iove you Kate." He said looking in my eyes.
"What? But you kissed that bitch.."
"I know I was drunk..I didn't want this..I just wanna kiss you Kate.." He came closer to me.
"But what's with her? I mean.."
But he leaned in and kissed me. I kissed him back. It was my first kiss. It was the best thing ever what happened to me. I forgot everything around me. I forgot what my Dad did to me, I forgot that bitch I forgot everything. We ended kissing.
"Okay that said everything." I smiled.
"Let's go back.." We went back in the hotel hand in hand. I was happy.

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