Lost in our world

-9 Chapter - I hate you-

The next 3 weeks went by fast. We all had a really good time together on the tour. We made a lot of fans. We partied a lot. I didn't like it much cause all drunk mostly too much and I had to drive them back to the hotel. But I couldn't hold them up.
It was the last night of the tour. As expected they drunk too much this night. But I hadn't to drive them back to the hotel because the party was in their room just the guys and we girls. I didn't drunk anything cause I felt a little bit sick the last days. After a few minutes I decided to go in the bathroom cause I felt like I'm going to puke. Thought and done. I puked. After this I went in my room and fell asleep. I felt very bad.
The next day I felt still sick. The guys had to wake me up. We packed all of our stuff and drove back home. The drive was about 4 hours. I said not much.
"Kate is everything okay with you? You look very pale." asked me David after 2 hours of driving.
"I..Uh..I think I'm going to be sick. I felt sick two days before but now it's coming. Uh Pierre can we stop please?"
Pierre stopped the bus. I jumped outside and puked again. I felt so horrible. I went back to the car where all of them looked at me.
"What?" I said.
"Are you okay?" Leila asked me worried.
"Yes I'm feelin.." But I fell on the base and lost my consciousness.
David and Pat jumped out of the car and carried me back in the bus. Pierre drove on. They dropped everyone out on their homes and drove me to my house.
"Kate?" David shook me softly.
I woke up not knowing where I was. "Huh?We arrived? " I asked confused.
"Yes we are right in front of your house. You feel better now?" David exclaimed.
"Oh..I think...a lil bit..but my head hurts very bad can we go in?" I asked and we went in my house.
"Mom!? Are you here?" I yelled in the house. Pierre and David put my stuff in. "Thanks guys I think I go in my bed now....see ya tomorrow?"
"Yeah hope you feel better then. Bye." Pierre went out in the car.
"I hope so too. See you tomorrow. Love you." David said. "Love you too." I said and he kissed me, then he went out to Pierre in the car. They drove away. I searched for my mother in the house. I layed down on the couch and fell asleep.
"WHAT THE FUCK!!!!" I screamed as two people tried to make out on me.
They immediately jumped off of me. It was my Mom with a man. She looked at me in shock.
"Oh my God Dad was right!! How could you mom!!" I yelled at her. I was so angry. How could she do this to me? Now I know that Dad was right. I never told her what happened with him. Gosh I hate her now. She lied to me.
"Calm down please Kate I can explain everything."
I stood up from the couch. I looked at her very angry.
"No I understand everything what I've seen. Dad was right you got a new boyfriend. You know what? He hit me again! And that was your fault. I didn't tell you cause I thought he wasn't right but now I know he was right! How could you Mom! I hate you!!" I took my stuff and ran out. I put it in my car and drove away.
"Kate please wait!!" She yelled from behind me but I ignored her.

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