Lost in our world

-10 Chapter - I'm never going back-

I started to cry. I didn't payed attention where I was driving to. I remembered how I felt when he left. How bad my mother felt when he left. How I felt when he hit me the last time. They never were interested in my feelings. My Dad also never was interested in both of us. I hate them.
I cried harder. I stopped the car cause I can't see anything through my tears. I turned on some music. The song Hold on from Good Charlotte was played. I love this song so I turned up the sound.
Suddenly someone knocked on the carwindow. I turned the music off, wiped away my tears and the blurred eyeliner and opened the window. I couldn't recognize who it was cause it was too dark.
"Kate?" It was David."What you're doing here?" His voice sounded very worried.
David? What is David doing here? Where am I? I'm confused.
"Where am I?" I asked him. You could here on my voice that I cried a few minutes ago.
"Right in front of my house. What's wrong with you?"
I climbed out of the car and hugged him. I cried again. He wrapped his arms around me and tried to calm me down.
"Wanna come in and talk?" I nodded still crying. We went inside his house into his room. There we sat down on his bed and talked. I didn't cry so hard anymore.
I felt better to be with him, his arms around me. I felt like everything's going to be okay, but that will never happen.
"So what's wrong with you?" He said in a worrying voice.
"My....mother has a new boyfriend...Dad was right..I can not believe that she lied on me....I hate them..." I explained between sobs.
He hold me closer. I cried in his chest. After I stopped crying, which takes half an hour, I asked David. "Can I stay here with you? I never want to go back to my mom...?"
"Yes of course you can." He said.
He lend me a shirt and some boxers where I slept in. I went into the bathroom to change and then layed down in his bed besides him. He wrapped his arm around me and we went to sleep.

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