Lost in our world

-11 Chapter- A painfully Nightmare-

I had this nightmare again that I had as my Dad hit me the last time. I talked and moved while sleeping. I climbed out of the bed and crawled to the wall.
"No go away...don't touch me..." He came nearer to me and shook me. "Kate wake up!" I opened my eyes. David looked at me wide-eyed. Tears were running down on my cheeks.
"David!" I hugged him hardly. He hugged me back. "Everything's okay..." I cried in his chest. I calmed down after a few minutes then we fell asleep again in each others arms.
The next day as I woke up I was alone in the room. I went down into the kitchen. "Hey." He said while making breakfast. "Do you feel better?"
"Umm....not really....but thanks for last night...." I kissed him. "Everytime." He kissed me back. Then we started eating. I said nothing.
My phone rang so I answered it.
"Hey Kate where are you? Your mother said you are not at home. She seemed to be very worried about you." Leila said.
"Oh...I'm at David's house."
"Okay we'll be there soon." She said and hung up the phone. I hung it up too.
"Who was this?" David asked.
"It was Leila. She will be there soon so we got to go changed."
David went in the bathroom first. Then I went in it. As I came out and went downstairs everyone was there.
"Hey guys." I tried to be happy.
"Hey." Said everyone.
"David we have to go to a meeting now. I get the call a few minutes ago." Pierre said.
"And we have to go too." Leila said.
So we went out to where we had to go. David went with the guys to a meeting where they talked about the promotour.
The girls drove to a club. We became a choice to make a record. That's so awesome I ever dreamt of that! We had to move to a studio which was in Chicago that's the bad thing on it. But we are going to do it. YAY! But I have to leave David...I don't want to but ...it's my dream. The girls started to party but I just sat on a chair at the bar.

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