Lost in our world

-12 Chapter- Time to say goodbye-

"Hey Kate what's wrong?" Kelly asked me. I glanced at her in a 'You-know-what-I'm-thinking-about' look.
"Oh I see...but you'll come with us right?"
I said nothing. I didn't tell them about last night..should I do this? David is the only person who knows how I feel now. I have to tell. I will do it..right now.
"I have to talk to you....about..last night.." I started.
They sat down next to me and listened carefully. After I finished I cried again. They also had tears in their eyes.
"Oh I'm so sorry Kate now I understand it." Kelly hugged me. The others joined in.
"Yeah it's okay it's our dream right?" I said trying to think about something different.
"Yeah let's party." Leila said. "I'll call the guys and tell them they have to come here." Leila called them. Half an hour later they arrived.
"Hey what's up with you?" Pierre asked.
"We are going to make a record guys!!!!" Leila jumped in Pierres arms. "Really? That's cool!" Pierre trapped her. The guys hugged and cratulated them.
I still sat on the chair and looked at them. David came up to me. The others started to party.
"Hey cutie what's wrong?" He kissed me on the cheek.
"I have to leave you...." I said sadly.
"Oh right...Uh...." He said realizing it.
I hugged him and started to cry again. He's the only person I really trust. How would it be without him? He hugged me back. But after half an hour of talking we joined in the party. Was became a little bit happier. In the night all drove back to their homes. David and I drove back to his house. As we arrived I remembered last night and became sad again. I didn't say anything to David. We were very tired so we went to sleep.
The next morning I opened my eyes. David was looking at me. I smiled. He smiled back. "I love you." I said. "I love you too." He said and we hugged each other.
"Leila called. You have to leave at wednesday."
"Oh...today is?"
"Oh no." I said upset.
The next days went by fast. I spended the most time with David. He helped me packing my stuff. Then it was time to say goodbye. The guys drove with us to the airport. I hugged each of the guys. The girls did it too. As I came to David I started to cry.
"I'll call you everyday. I love you." "I love you too." He hugged me very hard. I couldn't breath much. But I didn't care it was the last time for a long time to feel him. Then we kissed each other. I knew that it would be the last kiss for a long time. Then he let go of me and we went to the plane waving at the others. I could see that David was crying too. It was hard to see but we will be together. The flight took 4 hours. I slept in the plane.

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