Lost in our world

-13 Chapter- How long will I be waiting…to be with you again?-

The welcome in the studio was nice. The guys there were really nice. We started recording the next day and kept on the next 6 month. It was a lot of fun. I called David every day. He missed me as much as I missed him. But the last 6 weeks we just called 2 times. He has not much time. We had a few performances in clubs where we made some fans. In like one week we're going on tour. I'm so excited. That's what I dreamed about my whole life!
This day was the same as everyday. We went into the studio and recorded. “I have a surprise for you guys!” said Leila after finishing the last song of our record. “What is it!?” We all asked her. “It wouldn’t be surprise if I tell you what it is!” She laughed “Just follow me!”
So we went to a big concert-hall. We didn’t know which band would play. We went in there and waited for the band. First there played a band called MxPx. Then after a little break came SIMPLE PLAN on the stage.
“Oh my fucking gosh Leila!!!” I screamed but only Leila could hear me.
“I know!” she screamed back. The guys rocked the stage. But they didn’t see us. I watched the whole time what David was doing. After 2 hours the show was over and we went backstage to surprise the guys. The first person we saw was Pierre. He ran towards us screaming and hugged us. The rest of the guys came and hugged us too. David hugged me for like 2 minutes. We were all very happy to see each other again. In a room we talked about the last 6 month.
“When you have to leave?” asked Kelly after 2 hours of talking and making fun on each other.
“Unfortunately tomorrow morning.” answered Seb the question.
“What about you guys when does you tour start?” asked Pierre who was sitting on Leila’s lap.
“Next week!” said Leila happily.
“Oh that’s great!” said David. We all laughed. One hour later the guys had to leave. I became sad again. Another 4 weeks without him.
We all said good bye by hugging each of them.
“Bye guys have fun on your first little Tour!” said Pierre and hugged Leila.
I stood by David. We hugged each other. “I love you Dave…” I said and kissed him. “I love you too Kate..” He said kissing me back.
“Hey lovebirdies we have to go.” Said Seb and Pierre let go of Leila and David let go of me.
Then the guys climbed in the car and drove off.
“Hey don’t be sad guys, we’re going on tour!” said Kelly while we were walking to our car. “Yeah right! The we’ll see the guys again!” said Leila. We drove home and went sleeping.

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