Lost in our world

-15 Chapter- I need to talk to you-

He didn’t call in the night and in the next week. I was very upset about this. I thought the worst things of what could have happened. I didn’t talk much in these days. There were too many thoughts in my mind, like Is it over with David and me?, What exactly happened?, Was it a joke?, How is he feeling?, or What is he doing right now? My girls seemed not to notice that something was wrong, that made me a little more upset.
“I’m gonna take a shower.” I said in thoughts and went in the bathroom. Tonight will be our last show. Then we’re going back to Montreal. I’m a little afraid of meeting the guys again. I can’t look forward to meet David again, ‘cause I don’t know how to act when we’ll meet. I went into the shower and get changed. I heard voices coming from our room. I listened to them. It was Leila talking with Pierre.
“Please tell me what happened last week with David I have to know it. – Why? – I won’t tell her. – Oh thanks a lot.” Then she hung up and I went out of the bathroom.
“Who was this?” I asked her while putting my dirty clothes away.
“What? Who was who?” She asked.
“You know what I mean!”
“Oh…it was Pierre.” She answered.
“And what didn’t he want to tell you?” I asked her looking at her.
“Look Kate. I know you’re really upset about that thing with David, I just wanted to know it, it’s bothering me too. I know that you love him and that it hurts very much….” I hugged her crying. She hugged me back and tried to calm me down.
“We’ll see them tomorrow and I just wanted to know what we have to expect.”
“Yeah it’s okay…we gotta go now.” I said and we left the room to meet the other two. This last show wasn’t the best but it was fun. We partied a little and went then to bed. The next day we drove back to Montreal. I had a bad headache, a little too much to drink I guess.
Everyone was happy except me. I was thinking about David. I almost cried as we arrived. We dropped the girls out to their places and then drove to Leila’s place. I asked her the day before to stay at her house because I didn’t want to go to my house and not to David’s as well. She said yes, so I’m gonna stay with her. But one day I have to go and pick up my things. But this I’ll do when my mom will be not at home. We went inside and she showed me where I’d live. I put my things in the room, then we went downstairs to find something to eat.
“Leila? Is Pierre now mad with you?” I asked her.
“Uh…I think a li’l bit yes…but it’s okay.” We ordered some pizza. At like 6 pm the doorbell rang. “Uh..Kate, can you please open the door I’m not ready yet!?” Leila yelled out of the bathroom. “Yeah, but hurry up please!” I yelled back and opened the door. The guys all jumped into my arms and we fell on the floor laughing. “Ah, you’re killing me, I can’t breath guys!” , I said laughing. They got off of me and Pierre helped me standing up. “We missed you!” , screamed Seb and they all went into the house, except for David. He was standing outside, not looking at me. “Uh…can we…talk?” , he asked shyly. “I guess..we have to.” , I answered.

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