Lost in our world

-16 Chapter - I can’t believe what you just said-

I sat down on the porch, he sat down next to me. We didn’t look at each other. It was a awkward silence.
“I…I’m sorry…” , he said breaking the silence. I said nothing, tears were forming in my eyes.
“Please say something..” But I couldn’t say anything. A tear found it’s way down my cheek. He glanced at me from the side. I looked at his beautiful eyes.
“I’m sorry for what happened…I…“ he trailed off.
“But…why? Don’t I mean anything to you?” I asked him, more tears streaming down my cheeks.
“Yes you do! I love you Kate…please believe me….I was drunk…I didn’t think by what I was doing….I’m sorry…I don’t wanna loose you…”
“You can’t love me! You…you just broke my heart!” I yelled at him, standing up, still crying. He stood up too, standing in front of me, face to face.
“I know what I did! But…hell Kate I love you so damn much..please…nothing really happened!” he said first looking me in the eyes, then looking down, he was crying too.
“Then tell me what happened!” I said, moving away from him.
“We were just throwing some party with a lot of people. We were dacing and I saw….Kelly….she came up to me and we danced together…and…we just kissed and then I was hit by Pierre!” he explained looking at me.
“And who is this bitch!?” He looked me in the eyes again and I knew who it was.
“NO!” I screamed, running away from him.
“Kate wait!” he yelled, running after me. But I didn’t stop, I wanted to run away from him.
“Leave me alone! I HATE YOU!” I ran across the street. The guys were standing at the door, confused, not knowing what was going on.
“AAHH KATE MOVE!” someone screamed frantically. I turned around just to see a car driving towards me. But it was too late. I couldn’t move, the car hit me very hard, my body flew over it and hit the ground very hard. I could feel the pain in every inch of my body.
“NOOOO!” , “OH MY GOSH!” , “KATE NOOO!” , they were screaming. David ran up to me, falling on his knees, crying.
“No what did I do?” he mumbled to himself.
“I’m so sorry Kate…” “David..it’s not your fault…I…lo.…” but then I fainted in David’s arms.

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