Lost in our world

“Come on David, you’re sitting here for 2 days, you need to get some rest and eat something.” I could hear the voice of Pierre.
“No, I need to be with her.” I heard David say.
I opened my eyes slowly, blinded by the lights, I looked around me and saw David standing on the window and looking outside.
“She’s awake!” Leila said half screaming, she was sitting beside my bed on a chair. David instantly turned around and stumbled back to my bed. Some people came running inside, I recognized them as Seb, Chuck, Jeff, Pat, Kelly and Chris. I smiled at them weakly.
David was about to ask me how I felt as a nurse came inside and told them to leave that the doctor could check on me.
“I’ll talk to you later.” He whispered in my ear and gave me a slight kiss on my forehead then walked out of the room with the others.
“It’s a miracle that you survived. You have a broken arm, a broken leg, your knee is broken, you got bad injuries inside of you and a bad concussion. We need to keep you here for a long time.” Told me the doctor , After checking me. Every inch of me still hurt like hell.
“And I have to make your friends to leave because you need a lot of silence.” He added. I nodded slightly in response.
I didn’t see the guys or girls for like a week and I bored myself to death. I felt a little better, but everything still hurt. I didn’t forgive David for what he did.
“Kate? Can I come in?” someone knocked on my door.
“Yeah, come in.” I said quietly. The person opened the door and went in sitting on the edge of my bed.
“Hey, you’re feeling better?” asked Leila. She looked awful, like she cried all day.
“A little..” I could say in pain.
“I was so fucking worried! I thought you would die! And nobody let me in here!” she told me with tears filling her eyes.
“Fortunately I’m not, but it hurts…How is everyone doing?”
“They are worried as well and David….” She said slowly. I gave her a look, saying ‘what is wrong with him?’.
“He wants to talk to you.”
“Oh…please tell him I…” I started but was cut off by Leila.
“Please do me the favor and talk with him.” I thought about it and then agreed.
“Okay I’ll go get him! You’ll see everythings gonna be okay with you two!” she said happyly.

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