Lost in our world

-18 Chapter- people change..-

She went outside and a few minutes later David entered the room. He sat next to my bed on a chair, facing me. I looked at him and he started talking.
“I…I’m so sorry for that…it’s all my fault..” he said trembling. “I’m sorry for what I did..I didn’t mean to hurt you…I know it’s not an excuse that I was drunk...I…please forgive me…” he added, tears coming up in his eyes.
“David…I can’t…you just hurt me so much…and now I’m here in this fucking hospital…I need some time to think…you know…maybe some time I will forgive you..but not now…I don’t even know what exactly happened…or worse what would have happened if Pierre hadn’t seen it?” I said in a whisper.
“Yeah…I understand…I’m so sorry…”
A nurse knocked on the door and said that David had to go, I needed some rest. David gave me a sorry look and left. I cried the whole night.
The next morning my girls came for visit. They told me that the guys went on on tour. And they told me that David said he was sorry.
“Hey you know what guys!?” we all looked at Chris with a questioning look on our faces.
“As I woke up our producer called me! And he was asking if we wanted to go on tour again when Kate’s ready!” she said excitedly.
“Really!?” “Yeah! That’s so awesome! You guys want to do it!?” they all looked at me.
“No I don’t want to.” I answered, turning around from them. After a few minutes of silence they left me by myself.
The next seven months I didn’t hear anything from the guys. I guess the girls actually heard from them but didn’t tell me about it, to protect me from more pain? I had a bad time, I fell in depressions, I tried to kill myself and stuff. I lost a lot of weight, was quiet, didn’t talk much. I wasn’t the funny-joking-around-always-open-for-pranks-Kate anymore.

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