Lost in our world

-19 Chapter- memories-

It was the day I could go back home. I wasn’t in a good mood, like usual. My casts were off, my head and my organs were okay again, just two bandages on my arms where I slit my wrists one week ago and my knee wasn’t very healthy anymore. I had to go to physiotherapy. I did make progress but not much, I was limping.
Everyone was there. Leila, Chris, Kelly, Matt and Billy, which were my best friends, they were like my family, they helped me to go through everything in the last eight months. I packed my little bag and waited for them to pick me up in the hospital.
“Ah finally!” Leila screamed, hugging me tightly, “It was so boring without you” she exclaimed.
I hugged her back and found myself surrounded by all of my friends, hugging me as well.
“I can’t breath!” I whined. They let go of me, took my bag and we walked outside in the car and drove off to Leila’s.
“Finally at HOME!” I said happily jumping out of the car and running in the house. Yeah I know, sometimes I am funny.
“YAAAAY she’s baaaaack!” Leila said also running behind me in the house, the rest following us in laughter.
The rest of the day we watched movies and talked. Then it was time to go for them. We said our goodbyes and they left.
“And now?” I asked Leila.
“There’s something I wanted to talk with you.”
“Yeah, what?” I asked taking a sip of my water.
“Me and the girls were thinking of….do you want to go back to tour? I mean after all what happened…”
“Uh…I don’t know…” I really had a bad time and I didn’t think about the tour.
“I think it would light up your life!”
“Okay I think I can do it.” I told her. She hugged me happyly and we went to bed.
I was searching for my things that I’d take with me on tour. I was scanning in a box as I found it. I sat down on my bed and read the song that I had written a long time ago to thank David that he was there for me. As I finished I cried. Chris walked in my room.
“Hey what’s up with you? Why are you crying?” she asked me and sat down next to me on my bed.
“I just found this…I wrote it a long time ago…it’s about David.” I handed her the paper and she read it.
“Oh..that’s so…cute…you still love him right?” she asked me knowingly. Do I still love him? Maybe, I can’t stop thinking about him, I dream about him and me together, so I guess I still love him. I was about to answer the question as Leila and Kelly walked in. Chris gave me the paper back and I stuffed it in my pantspocket, they didn’t notice.
“Guys we’re going out to eat something. You wanna come with?” Kelly asked.
“No I have to get my things ready, sorry, but have some fun!” I said and they left.
This time I wrote another song. It was about David, not to thank him, but to ask him why he did it. The next day we drove off to the tour.
The Tour went great! We made a lot of more fans, became popular and stuff. We were on the road for 3 month! It was the best expierience ever! Our Dream really came true! We were the happiest people of the world!

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