Lost in our world

-20 Chapter- Sorry-

Our last stop of the tour was ‘Rock am Ring’ in Germany. We arrived earlier than we had planned. We got out of the bus and explored everything. Then we met some girls in our age who gave us some papers. There were all of the bands who would play and on which stages numerated.
“When we have to play?” Leila asked me, because I had the papers in my hands.
“Uh, in…half an hour.” I answered. “And guys! Papa Roach is playing tonight!” I said in excitement. Papa Roach was one of my favourite bands.
Chris took the papers and read them. Her eyes widened.
“What’s wrong?” I asked her as I noticed that.
“Uh..nothing..just so many bands and I don’t even know the half of them!” she laughed. Then we had to go to get our guitars. After the band finished their last song they ran off the stage. I didn’t know them, maybe some german band, but they were really nice, we talked a little bit, then hit the stage. There was a huge crowd, screaming and jumping around.
“Hey guys we are called ‘crimson bracelet’ and we’re gonna rock the stage!” I greeted them and started the first song. They all jumped up and down, even though they didn’t know us, they were awesome. We played all of our fast songs and then had to leave the stage for the next band.
“Thank you guys! You were awesome!” I thanked them.
“The next band that will rock you out is SIMPLE PLAN! Have fun guys! We love you!” Leila screamed in her mic. She had to take my arm and carry me off the stage, because I couldn’t move.
“WHAT!” I screamed at her in disbelief.
“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier.” Chris interfered the conversation. “But I thought it would be a nice surprise.” She said as 5 guys walked towards us. I couldn’t believe it. Why didn’t she tell me? She knew I wanted to see David again and say sorry for all what happened. That was no good surprise. I felt tears coming up in my eyes. How would it be to actually meet him again? Could I stand it? No, not now, I’m not ready yet. I hurt him too much, I couldn’t look him in the eyes.
“I’m sorry I can’t.” I said under my breath and started to run away. On my way I crashed into someone and fell on my butt.
“Sorry! You okay?” the guys asked offering his hand to help me up. His voice sounded familiar. Did I know this guy?
“Yeah. I’m sorry I wasn’t watching where I was running to.” I answered, took his hand and he helped me up to my feet. I looked up to his face and gasped. It was…..David. He changed a lot. He was all dressed up in black. His former short black hair was now long and down on the right side of his head, covering the half of his eyes, they were framed with black eyeliner. He also was wearing a black shirt with a black tie, tight black pants, which were a little short, black and white striped socks and black Converse, in summary: he looked hot! I guess he didn’t recognize me because I changed a lot too. My former long black hair was cut to a little mohawk, which was died in red and on the sides were about one inch left, which was still black. I did this when I had my very bad times, on the day I cut my wrists… I was wearing a white ripped shirt, a grey skirt that ended above my knees, some black-white ripped overknees, my black and white Converse, a studded beld and a lot of bracelet. My eyes also were framed with black eyeliner.
“Uh…I gotta go!” I said quietly and ran away into our tourbus. Behind me I heard someone running afterwards me. I sat down in the bus, crying hard.

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