Lost in our world

-21 Chapter- You don’t remember me but I remember you-

“Hey why did you run away?” Chris asked me as she sat next to me. I didn’t answer.
“…I thought you wanted to see him again…I’m sorry that I was wrong.” She said, giving me a hug.
“No, it’s not your fault….I wanted to see him again, but I…I am not ready yet….I hurt him too much…I can’t look him in the eyes…I..just…can’t.” I said between sobs, accepting her hug and giving it back. We talked a few minutes. She convinced me to talk with David. I didn’t know if I could do it but I promised her to try it at least. I calmed down and we went back to the girls, they were listening to the music. We joined them. They played some songs that I didn’t know, and some old songs. When they finished I’d do anything, I started crying again. I remembered the time with David, the first time we met, our first kiss, the phone call, my accident, the day I cut my wrists…I quickly wiped off the tears.
Then Leila ran up to Pierre and jumped in his arms. He catched her and swung her around. I wonder if they are still together…
“Hey, your show was awesome!” Chris said hugging each of them.
“Yes, I love your new songs!” Kelly hugged them as well. I just stood there and looked at them.
“Where’s Kate?” Pierre asked after they finished their hugs. Uh, I’m standing right here?
“Yeah, where is she?” Jeff asked. Hello?
“Guys?” I asked quietly, walking a few steps towards them.
“Yeah?” Pierre looked at me. I didn’t change that much, did I?
“I guess you don’t remember me..” I said looking at him. All eyes were focused on me. He was thinking intense.
“No, sorry. Who are you?" Pierre asked.
"I'm..." I was cut off by David.
"Kate...?"All eyes widened as I nodded.
“No way!” Seb ran up to me and hugged me, followed by each of them, but David.
“Let’s walk and talk!” Leila suggested. We all agreed and walked around the premises. Leila talked with Pierre. Chris with David and Jeff. Kelly with Chuck and Seb with me. We talked for like one hour.
“Hey guys, we have to go, we have to do some interviews.” Chuck told us. “But we’ll meet you later, right?” he added.
“Yeah, we’re gonna go watch some bands. We’ll leave maybe tomorrow or so, and then we’re going back home!” Kelly said excitedly.
“See you then!” Seb said and all walked away.
“Guys, I’m starving, let’s find something to eat!” Leila whined. So we searched for something to eat. We found some things and talked for a while with some other bands.
“Ah guys what time is it?” I asked them hurriedly. Some guy told me.
“No, I’m going to be late for Papa Roach!” I exclaimed and ran out. There were lots of people waiting for them. Furtunately they weren’t on stage yet. We waited a few minutes ‘til they came.

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