Lost in our world

-22 Chapter- Who’s the chick?-

The crowd was totally into it. Me too, I sang along to every song and jumped up and down. But the whole time I felt like somebody was watching me from behind, but as I turned around I didn’t see anybody. Weird. The last song was ‘Last Resort’, my favorite song of them! I totally rocked out. At the end I was soaked wet from sweating. So I searched for something to drink. I went back to where I tought my girls would be. They were gone but the guys where there, talking to each other. I grabbed myself a bottle of water and took a sip of it, and a little I poured on my head.
“Yeah wet yourself and get naked!” Pierre joked.
“You wish!” I said back, laughing and sitting next to him.
“Is this so obvious?” he joked again.
“Nooo it isn’t!” laughed Seb and walked towards us.
“So..where are the girls?” I asked them.
“Uh, I don’t know.” Seb answered. We kept talking for a while. I found out that Pierre and Leila weren’t together anymore. Pierre also told me he still loved her, how cute! And I knew Leila still loved him, since it was all my fault that they broke up I was going to fix it between them!
“So you guys are finish with touring?” Chuck asked me.
“Yeah, this was our last show. I really need some rest, but it was fun.” I told them excitedly.
“I know what you’re talking about.” Pierre laughed.
“And you?” I asked.
“In…I think 2 weeks we have one week off and we’re going home. So this means we can hang out some time!” Jeff said happyly.
“Yeaaaaaaaah!!!” I said screaming and jumping from the couch.
“What the! Pat!! You jerk!” I screamed at Pat who had poured a bucket full of water over my head and body. NOW I was totally soaked wet, and everyone could see…you know..my chest! Everyone was laughing.
“Ah you guys..suck!” I laughed.
“Aww you know you love us!” Seb said still laughing.
“Ah yes I dooo!” I said, walked to him and hugged him, causing him to get wet too.
“AH!” he screamed. But joined everyone again with laughing.
“Yeah I’m gonna put this on our next Dvd!” someone laughed. As if it couldn’t get any worse, Pat was filming everything.
“Pat, stop filming me!!” I screamed at him and tried to steal his camera, but couldn’t get it. After I had stopped chasing Pat around I decided to take a shower.
“I think I’m gonna go get a shower.” I said.
“Okay, see you later.” Pat said.
“Don’t you dare filming me in the shower!” I said, giving Pat an evil glare, he just grinned at me.
“Who is filming who in the shower?” I heard some male voice behind me asking. I turned around to see David standing a few metres away from me…with some chick in his arms.
“Noone is filming anyone in the shower!” I said and went out.
“Baby who was this?” I heard some girl ask David. Wait, I’ve seen this girl before…why did she call David ‘Baby’? Whatever. I went into our tourbus and got a nice shower, then I changed into some black cut up pants with my studded belt, a black tank top, some black and white socks and my black and white Converse. I brushed my hair and fixed it into a mohawk.

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