Lost in our world

-23 Chapter - The Reason-

I went back to the front of the bus, seachring for my eyeliner and finding it after a few minutes.
“Kate?” someone called me.
“In the back!” I yelled, applying my eyeliner. Just as I finished, I looked up to the person who was standing next to me.
“The guys are leaving! You coming?” it was Leila, she looked a little upset.
“Yeah.” I said, looking up to her. “What’s wrong with you, you look..upset?”
“Uh..I dunno maybe because the guys are leaving again.”
“But we’ll see them again in two weeks!” I told her.
“Okay!” she said a little more happy and we went out of the bus to meet all of them. They were already doing their goodbyes and now came up to Leila and me. First came Pat and said sorry for what he had done earlier. Then Pierre, Seb, Chuck and Jeff. The last one was David. Nobody seemed to notice because they were all busy with their own goodbyes. So I Stood there in front of David not looking up at him. After a few seconds David out of nowhere hugged me and I instantly hugged him back. I've waited for a so long time for David to hold me. I felt so secure in his arms. I wanted this hug to last forever, but after a few seconds we parted and he left me again. He didn't say anything. I so wanted to hear his voice, but I have to wait for this another 2 weeks. I really hope that we can be friends again, maybe more, but I gues this won't happen.
"I think we're leaving too." the voice of Leila brought me back to reality.
"Uh yeah.." I said confused. Like said we went into our bus drove to the airport and flight home. The flight took us a few hours. I was talking with Chris as I suddenly remembered the chick at David's side. Who could this be? I remember her, but from where? Then it hit me and I sat there, looking at the seat in front of me in shock. This couldn't be...
"Kate? What's wrong with you?" Chris asked me, looking at me worriedly.
"I...I....nothing...." I stuttered out, still in shock.
"Come on tell me."
"I don't want to talk about it..." I said and looked outside the window. A tear escaped from my eye. David couldn't do this after all what happened, could he? I thought he loved me, how could he do this. I drifted into a not very nice sleep. After another few hours of sleep I was woken up by Leila shaking me.
"We're back home! Wake up sleapyhead!" she said excitedly. I opened my eyes and went out of the plane. I didn't say anything on the car ride home. I was still thinking of David. As Leila and me arrived our home we brought in our stuff and unpacked our clothes. Then we sat down on the couch and talked.
"Leila...you've seen the girl at David's side?" I asked her, looking at her.
"Yeah, why?"
"I know her."
"Really, from where?"
"You don't really want to know it." I said seriously.
"Of course I want to know. Tell me!" she said.
"She's the reason that David and I broke up, she's the reason I ran into that fucking car, she is the reason I wanted to kill myself, she's the reason my life is so fucked up right now!" I told her, my voice getting louder and angrier by every part.
"What!? Who is she!" her eyes got wide.
"She was his ex-girlfriend, she is the one David kissed on the phone, she is the one David told me he was over with, she is the one David told me he would never kiss again. how could he Leila!?!?!?" I was crying by this. He again broke my heart. I could feel it falling to thousands of little pieces. Leila hugged me, trying to comfort me, but she couldn't give me what I needed.
"I'm sorry...I want to be alone...." I said, got up and walked into my room.
"Please don't do anything wrong..." She said more to herself than to me, but I really didn't want to do anything, just laying on my bed and crying.

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