Lost in our world

-14 Chapter- On Tour-

One week later. We were packing our stuff. “Kate! Hurry up! We have to go NOW!” screamed Chris from outside. “Yeah I’m coming!” I screamed back and trailed the rest of my things to the car. They hepled me carrying it in the van. We climbed in the car and finally drove off to our first tour ever. I was so excited how the fans would be. It’s a small tour, it’s just around the US in some small clubs. Hopefully we’ll make some fans.
“Hey guys! We’re there!” screamed Leila from the driver’s seat. “YAY!” We jumped out of the car and went inside the club. “Oh my Gosh this is huge!” I said in excitement. Our clubs are very small, this one is pretty huge.
“When will the show start?” I asked. “In like 4 hours so you guys can go into town, you should be back in 3 hours, so have fun!” said our manager, who was Chis’ older brother. “Okay Joe we’ll be back then.” Said Chris and we left the club.
“This is so exciting!” Kelly squealed. “Yes it is! Let’s check out the mall!” I suggested. Half hopping of excitement we went into the mall.
After 3 hours we went back to the club and we set up our stuff. More and more people entered the club. The more people came in, the more nervous we became. I opened the show and we rocked the stage. The crowd was awesome. I guess we made fans. Backstage we hung around with some guys from the crowd. We all had a great time. After 2 hours we had to leave. Back in the van we drove to the next town and checked in a hotel.
We all were in a room together.
“This show was so cool.” I said.
“Yeah I can’t wait for the next show tomorrow!” Leila said walking in the room.
“Guys better we go to sleep we have to leave early tomorrow.” Said Kelly so we went in bed.
The next showes were awesome. Every show went better than the last. But one thing was bothering me. What? David didn’t call me in 3 weeks and he never picked up his phone.
One night I decided to call Pierre on his phone. He picked it up after 5 rings.
“Hello?” I could hear that he was drunk. Some people in the background talked and music was playing.
“Pierre? It’s Kate! Is David there?“ I asked.
“Sure. Hold on.” He said but I could hear him talking to the others.
“Guys where’s Dave? – Why? – Kate is on the phone she wants to talk to him – Oh I think he’s a little bit…busy? – What the fuck! Dave! – Kate? He’s not here can he call back?”
“What’s goin’ on there!? What is he doin’!? PIERRE!!”
“Sorry he’ll call you back.” Then he hung up.
“What the hell was that Kate?” Leila asked me as she came out of the bathroom. I sat shocked on my bed. What happened? Why wouldn’t Pierre tell me? I told her.
“You think he did something really stupid right?”
“Yes of course why else would Pierre half scream ‘What the fuck Dave’ ? What do you think huh?”
“Yeah right…Oh please don’t cry I’m sure it’s gonna be okay Kate…” She hugged me.
“I’m sure not! You didn’t hear him! He sounded like Dave was killing someone!”

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